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December 5, 2015
Ever since he was 8 yrs old, Isiah Fields has grown up wih the music.
Now that he’s 19 yrs old, he wants to showcase his hardworking talent.
‘’I have put many hours in doing what I love, I have sacrificed so much till a point where I have endured many sleepless nights,’’Fields said.
Fields, 19, and a Business Administration/Accounting Major at Cleveland State University. Fields is unique in its ownself as he is a full time student, in the military, and also raps on the side. According to Fields, Music had a humble beginning for him.
‘’Honestly, I grew up with music, my grandmother always used to play old school jams, it was then where I realized music was for me, I immediately took an interest towards raps music,’’Fields said.
Fields didn’t always have the support he needed to pursue his passion, his mother Nicolle Jarman wasn’t to fond of it. But as time went on she realized what ability her son had.
‘’Isiah has always been a giving person, with a big heart, he’s educated, he’s point blank just a go getter,’’Jarmon said.
Jarman, 40, who works at at a operations department at a civic center expressed to me how Isiah really took an intrest to music, especially rap.
‘’Well Isiah was always around music, he grow up around it, I started to see as time went on the kind of talent that he had , it got to the point where he could write a song in 10 minutes,’’Jarmon said.
Isiah Fields always felt that doing music on the side, that could take some pressure off school and work. He also feels that he puts a lot of pride in the music that he records.
‘’I don’t cuss in my songs, One of the best things I feel that my music can do is bring a lot of people together, I feel like I appeal to all kinds of crowds,’’Fields said.
Trayvon Burg, One of Fields closest friends knows the kind of work that he puts in and also explained to me what kind of person he is and what makes him stand out.
‘He’s a really outgoing person, he’s always there if you need some good advice, and I think at the end of the day he really inspires people,’’Burg said.
Burg, 24, and a manager at a Family Dollar believes that the kind of environment that he grown into makes him the strong, minded person that he is today.
‘’I believe that once he got into music, it really put him in his comfort zone, he don’t have to worry about anything on the outside, just him and his music,’’Burg said.
Music will never leave Fields, in fact he believes that it has opened up a lot of doors for him in the future.
‘’Morally yes I feel like I will still be in music, but I feel ethically know because I know how rough times can get, but im always gonna record music, that’ll never end,’’Fields said.